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April 2017
[BGG] Honshu (2016) 2017-04-13 Light trick-taking, tile-laying game driven by a simple but customizable scoring system, with more depth than one would think at a glance [WCHBP]
[BGG] Grand Austria Hotel (2015) 2017-04-07 Fun dice-based Euro with multiple paths to victory and a healthy helping of luck. [WCHBP]
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January 2017
[BGG] Covert (2016) 2017-01-29 Very crunchy dice game with lots of possibilities to consider, great interaction and just about perfect with 2p [WCHBP]
[BGG] Troyes (2010) 2017-01-29 Highly interactive dice-based Euro with tons of dice mitigation options, multiple ways to score points, hidden end-game scoring bonuses, and lots of variability between plays due to randomized setup [WCHBP]
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November 2016
[BGG] Favor of the Pharaoh (2015) 2016-11-30 Fast-playing dice game with fun dice manipulation abilities, builds to a climactic final roll-off. [WCHBP]
[BGG] Colony (2016) 2016-11-30 Points race dice game with a lot of interesting dice manipulation abilities, good replayability due to large number of possible game setups. [WCHBP]
[BGG] Vinhos Deluxe Edition (2016) 2016-11-30 Another fantastic heavy Euro collaboration by Vital Lacerda, Ian O'Toole, and Eagle Gryphon Games. [WCHBP]
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October 2016
[BGG] Parade (2007) 2016-10-31 Relatively unsung little card game that has Lost City- and Arboretum-esque qualities. Tense and fun 2p game. [WCHBP]
[BGG] The Butterfly Garden (2016) 2016-10-15 Nice filler with a slight additional twist for 2p. [WCHBP]
[BGG] Terraforming Mars (2016) Thumbs Up! 2016-10-12 A highly thematic, satisfying engine building card game with a board tacked on. One of my favorite games at the moment with the potential to go higher with more plays. [WCHBP]
Entries for the month: 3

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1 - The Butterfly Garden (2016)
1 - Colony (2016)
1 - Covert (2016)
1 - Favor of the Pharaoh (2015)
1 - Grand Austria Hotel (2015)
1 - Honshu (2016)
1 - Parade (2007)
1 - Terraforming Mars (2016) Thumbs Up!
1 - Troyes (2010)
1 - Vinhos Deluxe Edition (2016)

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